Saint Louis, MO

Inspired by the Chef’s European travels, Porano’s lofted two-story interior is sleek and modern. Artisan crafted oak tables and various custom furniture 
installations, along with modern metal seating further complement the overall 
dining experience. Inspired by the culinary products, the color palette includes snippets of golden toned pasta colors, saucy oranges and herbal greens. To 
soften the space, potted plants, including miniature olive trees and botanicals are  composed around the space. The visual connection to Europe is expressed with impressively large wall murals including a Nolli Map; an aerial diagram of the streetscape of Porano, Italy, as well intensely colored wall graphics throughout. Illustrations of Italian-style buildings are merged with black and white images of downtown St. Louis. A modern, wood and steel staircase takes center stage and transports diners to a second flooring dining loft with televisions and a foosball table.

 *Featured projects have been designed by S. Aleksandr Malinich while employed  at other firms  prior to his employment at R5 Design Agency and CASCO Diversified Corporation.
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